Our design service ensures you receive a product that meets your exact requirements!


The experienced team at Andrew Mitchell & Co. are able to work closely with you to take your product from concept through to manufacture.



Stage 1

Decon Tent Design Stage 1The design process can be as in-depth as need be, and often starts with the customer handing us a simple hand drawn sketch.

Once we have received the initial brief/ concept we will work to understand exactly what your requirements are and how they can be best met to ensure a quality and cost effective solution.



Stage 2

Decon Tent Design Stage 2During this stage the design will be worked on using CAD technology. This enables you to clearly see how the finished article will look, and also allows for changes to the design to be made with ease. Depending on the complexity of the design this process can take a varying amount of time, however the use of our in house designers and engineers ensures that the process is run as smoothly as possible and with maximum efficiency.




Stage 3

Decon Tent Manufacture Complete

Once the design has been completed and approved by the customer, the product is ready to go into manufacture. Any designs are then kept on file to be able to be used again at any time, and can even be modified at a later date to adapt to your requirements.






Design Examples

For more examples of design work carried out by Andrew Mitchell & Co. please click on the below thumbnails.

If you have any questions about our design service or would like to speak to us about a product requirement you have, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.