Slings & Restraints

Andrew Mitchell & Company is an industry expert in the development and manufacture of load restraint systems and webbing slings.


Our load restraints and slings are manufactured under the strictest quality assurance systems. They are also independently tested in accordance with the relevant standards. Every individual restraint and sling is fully labeled to ensure full traceability.

Overall length, fixed length and end fittings of restraints can be varied to suit your requirements and each individual or batch of slings will be issued with a certificate of conformity with all slings colour coded to denote safe working load limits.


Slings are kind to equipment and do not scratch/damage polished, painted or delicate surfaces. The flat slings are available either as single thickness (simplex), double thickness (duplex) or flat endless single thickness slings.

Roundslings are extremely versatile and provide an excellent safe grip on the load. A wide range of roundslings are available to cater for a variety of applications.


components 001Internal box van track restraints are recommended for securing cargo within the box van and are suitable for both load securing track and floor rings.

Light duty trailer and roof rack straps are recommended as load restraint for small commercial vehicles, trailers and for use as roof rack straps.

Heavy duty load restraints of up to 5 tonnes break strength are recommended as general load restraints for road and sea transport including containers and yacht transporters. Break strength of up to 10 tonnes is recommended for heavy plant, machinery and containers under deck. Heavy duty restraints for Chain Tensioning up to 5 tonnes break strength are also available.

For any more information on our load restraints and slings, or to request a quote, please contact us directly where we will be happy to help.