Dunnage & Reusable Packaging

Our dunnage, also known as reusable packaging, is custom made to your needs ensuring maximum protection and space optimisation.

Our range of dunnage and reusable packaging is used most commonly for the transport of automotive parts and sensitive products. They are even used by health services for the transportation of blood bags.
As the name suggests, our reusable packaging and dunnage products are designed for extended use, i.e. multiple trips. As such, transportation costs, including the cost of individually packing items for shipping, can be greatly reduced as our products ensure space optimisation and require minimal packing time.

Due to the requirement for these items to be used in the transportation of high value and often fragile items, each one is made by hand using materials specifically selected for the application in question.

We are able to either manufacture these products according to designs given to us by our customers, or where required we work closely with our customers to design a product that will suit their exacting requirements.



Manufacture & Construction

Medical Transport BagOur dunnage and reusable packaging products are often constructed of a variety of materials.

PVC is commonly used as an exterior material due to its superior strength, flexibility and choice of colours.

Internally the material choice will often depend on the component being contained. Should the component be of a delicate nature, for example ‘A’ surface automotive components, a range of nylon and microfibre materials is used to ensure the contained component is in no way affected.

Additionally, where large, heavy or abrasive components are to be contained, we are able to install additional wear boards to reduce any damage the component may cause to the dunnage/ packaging.

As well as being constructed using a variety of materials, we can also include a variety of components to ensure ease of use; such as document pockets, removable panels/ partitions, and curtains.


If you have any further questions regarding our range of dunnage and reusable packaging, or if you would like to receive a quote from us, please contact us directly where we will be happy to help.